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Snapping hips, clinically referred to as coxa saltans, is a painful hip disorder that can cause joint damage and severely impact your mobility. At Active Rehab Clinics, Tony Zemlinsky, DC, and his team diagnose snapping hip syndrome and provide customized treatments to relieve your pain and restore normal hip function. Call the office in Bucktown, Chicago, or in Park Ridge, Illinois, or make an appointment online today if you have any signs of snapping hips.

Snapping Hips Q&A

What are snapping hips?

Snapping hip syndrome is a condition that causes a snapping or popping sensation in your hips when you walk, swing your leg, or move between sitting and standing positions. Snapping hips occur when a muscle or tendon moves over a bony protrusion in your hip. 

Snapping hip syndrome can cause inflammation and pain in your hips. It can also lead to leg muscle weakness and reduced mobility. You might also experience instability or a sensation that feels like your hip is coming out of place. 

What causes snapping hips?

Your hips are ball-and-socket joints. The head of your femur nestles into a cup-shaped socket in your pelvis. Your hip joints are held together by a network of ligaments, tendons, and muscles, including a ring of cartilage called the labrum. 

In most cases, snapping hips are due to tightness in the muscles and tendons in your hips and thighs. If you participate in sports or other activities that require frequent bending at the hip, you're more likely to develop this condition.

Other factors contributing to snapping hips include cartilage injuries, labral tears, and loose bone fragments in your hip joint.

How are snapping hips diagnosed?

If you have any hip pain or other snapping hips symptoms, make an appointment at Active Rehab Clinics. When left untreated, snapping hips can contribute to bursitis, arthritis, and synovitis. 

Active Rehab Clinics offers thorough physical exams to evaluate your hips. In addition to using X-rays and MRIs, the practice uses cutting-edge technology like the Physimax functional movement assessment to evaluate your condition.

How are snapping hips treated?

Active Rehab Clinics creates a customized treatment program to restore your hip health. While plans are tailored to each patient's individual needs, most treatment programs include elements of physical therapy and functional medicine. 

Active Rehab Clinics offers deep and shallow water therapy, dynamic ground-based exercises, and open chain exercises. Their highly customized approach releases tension in your hips, thighs, and IT band. 

As you rebuild your flexibility, strength, and stability, you also restore correct function and movement in your hips. This relieves your pain and reduces your risk of complications. 

Call Active Rehab Clinics or make an appointment online today if you have persistent hip pain or other snapping hip syndrome symptoms.