What’s Causing My Achilles Tendon Pain?

What’s Causing My Achilles Tendon Pain?

Pain in the Achilles tendon can make your favorite activities, like running, playing basketball, and even walking, especially up stairs or uphill, too excruciating to endure. You may even have pain when simply standing in place or walking from your bedroom to the kitchen in the morning. 

Achilles tendon pain often indicates you’ve injured or damaged this vital tendon. And if it’s not treated, an injury to the Achilles tendon will worsen over time. At Active Rehab Clinics in Park Ridge and Bucktown, Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Tony Zemlinsky has helped countless athletes get you back on their feet following Achilles tendon injuries

Below, he offers an overview of common causes of Achilles tendon pain and treatment options to end it. 

The Achilles tendon

You have many tendons, which are strong, fibrous cords of tissue that connect muscle to bone throughout your body. Your Achilles tendons are the strongest and longest tendons in your body.  

Located in the back of the heel, your Achilles tendon plays a vital role in helping you walk, run, and jump. It connects the heel bone to the calf muscle and can endure the physical stress needed to help you move.

Why does my Achilles tendon hurt?

Although your Achilles tendon can take quite a bit of stress, it can become injured when overused. The most common conditions are Achilles tendonitis, which causes swelling, irritation, inflammation, and pain, or a partially torn or ruptured Achilles tendon in which the tendon tears.

Many different risk factors contribute to or cause Achilles tendon pain. The most common include:

Remember, it’s essential to have your Achilles tendon pain assessed by a medical professional who specializes in these types of injuries. 

Reliving your Achilles tendon pain?

Dr. Zemlinsky offers customized treatment depending on the cause and nature of your Achilles tendon pain. Conservative treatment, such as rest, ice, immobilization, and elevation, is usually the first tactic to treat pain. 

If you’ve injured your Achilles tendon or are experiencing debilitating or chronic pain in the Achilles area, schedule a consultation, book online, or call our Park Ridge or Bucktown offices today. 

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